About the Yoga 2 (Standing) Recording

This recording guides you in the sequence of lying-down poses illustrated in Chapter 6 of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Full Catastrophe Living.

About Body Awareness in MBSR

Body awareness is traditionally considered to be the first foundation of mindfulness practice*. The MBSR program emphasizes mindful body awareness.

During the 8 week MBSR program, we first practice mindful body awareness daily with the Body Scan Meditation. Then we continue mindful body awareness with the movements of Yoga 1 & Yoga 2.
*See the Satipatthana Sutta of the Pali Canon of Theravada Buddhism.

About Mindful Movement

In MBSR, we explore mindful movement while moving into and out of yoga poses. In this way, we deepen our sense of ‘embodiment’ – our direct experience of being here, physically present.

This is a practice of ‘being with the body’. We’re making friends with our physical self, allowing our experience to be as it is, from moment to moment.


The yoga stretches described in this recording could be too much for you. Discuss this recording with your doctor if you are older than 50, or if you have a chronic physical illness, such as back or neck problems, osteoporosis, arthritis, hypertension, heart problems, reflux, or problems of head and neck such as stroke, glaucoma, retinal detachment. If you are pregnant, discuss use of this recording with your doctor.

The Tracks of the Yoga 2 (Standing) Recording

  1. Introduction 0:36 minutes
  2. Mountain Pose 3:46 minutes
  3. Standing Stretches 6:28 minutes
  4. Head Roll 3:38 minutes
  5. Shoulder Rolls 1:36 minutes
  6. Standing Balance 2:24 minutes
  7. Standing Twist 3:04 minutes
  8. Forward Bend 3:38 minutes
  9. Chair Pose 2:20 minutes
  10. Tree Pose 5:03 minutes
  11. Sitting Cross-legged 4:48 minutes
  12. Seated Stretches 5:37 minutes
  13. Bridge Pose 2:06 minutes
  14. Knee-Chest Hug 0:46 minutes
  15. Savasana Relaxation 1:21 minutes